We are a defense litigation firm located in downtown Chicago that is about to celebrate our eleventh anniversary.  We are currently defending cases in virtually every corner of the state of Illinois with an emphasis in the following practice areas: 

Transportation Litigation Construction Law
Employer Liability Premises Liability
Products Liability Commercial Litigation
Insurance Coverage Mediation/ Binding Arbitration
Mock Juries  

Construction Law

Another significant part of our practice is defending general contractors and subcontractors in construction accident cases and defending commercial, retail, corporate, industrial and residential premises liability cases. We have experience with cases arising on constructions sites involving various trades such as electrical and lighting, plumbing, road construction, signage, excavation and hauling, ironwork, concrete, roofing and others and issues such as proper tying off and fall protection on scaffolds, ladders, lifts and other elevated work surfaces, improper means and methods, improper bracing, improper unloading of building materials resulting in accidents, lifting or hoisting, unsafe ground conditions and many others. 

In addition to construction accidents; we also have experience with Kotecki protection, Kotecki waivers, employer liability issues and the many complex tender and response to tender issues that frequently arise from the contracts, agreements and even invoices between multiple parties on construction projects.