We are a defense litigation firm located in downtown Chicago that is about to celebrate our eleventh anniversary.  We are currently defending cases in virtually every corner of the state of Illinois with an emphasis in the following practice areas:

Transportation Litigation Construction Law
Employer Liability Premises Liability
Products Liability Commercial Litigation
Insurance Coverage Mediation/ Binding Arbitration
Mock Juries  

Employer Liability

Closely related to construction accident cases are cases involving third party actions against employers for contribution brought pursuant to the Illinois Contribution Among Joint Tortfeasors Act. With these contribution actions frequently also come claims for spoliation of evidence, Kotecki issues/waivers and recovery of workers compensation liens. We have experience defending the third party action for contribution against the employer while the plaintiff’s workers compensation case is pending and working closely with our client on the workers compensation side and the respondent’s attorney to achieve the best possible outcome for our client in both cases.