We are a defense litigation firm located in downtown Chicago that is about to celebrate our eleventh anniversary.  We are currently defending cases in virtually every corner of the state of Illinois with an emphasis in the following practice areas:

Transportation Litigation Construction Law
Employer Liability Premises Liability
Products Liability Commercial Litigation
Insurance Coverage Mediation/ Binding Arbitration
Mock Juries  

Mediation/ Binding Arbitration

Mediation is more and more common on more significant cases. Clients prefer mediation to jury trials for a number of reasons and cases these days resolve much more frequently through mediation than through a jury trial. We have developed an excellent rapport with many mediators in the Chicago area, the collar counties and down to the Madison County area. These mediators know we will be prepared, provide thorough, relevant submissions and be ready to meaningfully participate in good faith. Mediation may be the only opportunity we are afforded to directly address the plaintiff with no filter. Different cases, different plaintiffs and different plaintiffs’ attorneys require different messages sent, points stressed or emphasized and different strategies, but mediation is an excellent, and many times is the only, opportunity to communicate straight to the plaintiff the strength of our defense and the weaknesses in his case he may have never heard from his lawyer.

We have defended many uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist arbitrations for insurers whose insureds make such claims. We have experience with three person arbitrations, binding one arbitrator arbitrations and AAA arbitrations.