We are a defense litigation firm located in downtown Chicago that is about to celebrate our eleventh anniversary.  We are currently defending cases in virtually every corner of the state of Illinois with an emphasis in the following practice areas:

Transportation Litigation Construction Law
Employer Liability Premises Liability
Products Liability Commercial Litigation
Insurance Coverage Mediation/ Binding Arbitration
Mock Juries  

Premises Liability

Another significant part of our practice is defending property owners, homeowners and property managers in commercial, retail, corporate, industrial, Dram Shop, intentional tort and residential premises liability cases brought by various customers, tenants, contractors, vendors, guests, invitees and employees. We have a great deal of experience representing restaurants, grocery stores and food service companies. We also have experience with ice and snow cases involving snow removal, plowing, unnatural accumulation and open and obvious conditions. We have experience with loading dock cases and claims arising from contractors and vendors on site at retail locations right on through slip and fall cases in a retail setting and the notice issues inherent with such claims. 

The issue of spoliation of evidence seems to be arising more and more frequently and in many cases there are issues of failing to preserve video of an accident, failing to preserve sufficient time before and after an accident, failing to adequately respond to a request to preserve and distinguishing between a cause of action for spoliation of evidence as opposed to a missing evidence 5.01 instruction at trial.