We are a defense litigation firm located in downtown Chicago that is about to celebrate our eleventh anniversary.  We are currently defending cases in virtually every corner of the state of Illinois with an emphasis in the following practice areas:  

Transportation Litigation Construction Law
Employer Liability Premises Liability
Products Liability Commercial Litigation
Insurance Coverage Mediation/ Binding Arbitration
Mock Juries  

Products Liability

Many of the transportation, construction, employer and premises liability cases we defend evolve into product liability cases as a vehicle, a consumer product, a piece of machinery or equipment at a worksite or in any commercial, industrial, retail or residential setting or any type of building fails and causes an injury, property damage or fire loss resulting in litigation focusing on causation due to a component part failure and an analysis of issues such as a manufacturing defect, poor design, improper maintenance, repair, or assembly or misuse of a product often is required. 

When foreign manufacturers are involved, we have experience with the common attendant service issues, identifying upstream and downstream agents, distributors, assemblers and retailers and applying the Illinois distributor statute.

We also have experience defending cases brought against our clients who place food products into the stream of commerce. These cases involve food borne illness and salmonella claims and claims of products containing foreign objects or not properly prepared food items. Spoliation issues are frequently also a part of these cases.