Transportation Litigation

We defend trucking and transportation-related companies in personal injury, wrongful death and property damage cases. We also receive trucking defense assignments from insurance companies; third-party administrators and motor carriers.

Construction Law

We defend general contractors and subcontractors in construction accident cases and commercial, retail, corporate, industrial and residential premises liability cases.

Commercial Litigation

We handle the issues which arise from the various contracts, leases and product, service and management agreements

Employer Liability

We handle cases involving third party actions against employers for contribution brought pursuant to the Illinois Contribution Among Joint Tortfeasors Act. With these contribution actions, frequently also come claims for spoliation of evidence, Kotecki issues/waivers and recovery of workers compensation liens.

Premises Liability

We defend property owners, homeowners and property managers in commercial, retail, corporate, industrial, Dram Shop, intentional tort and residential premises liability cases brought by various customers, tenants, contractors, vendors, guests, invitees and employees.

Products Liability

Many of the transportation, construction, employer and premises liability cases we defend evolve into product liability cases as a vehicle, a consumer product, a piece of machinery or equipment at a worksite or in any commercial, industrial, retail or residential setting or any type of building fails and causes an injury, property damage or fire loss resulting in litigation.

Insurance Coverage

We have experience bringing actions for and defending actions against insurers and insureds for failure to defend and indemnify and failure to procure. We provide analyses of insurance coverage issues, reservations of rights, and conflicts of interest.

Mediation/Binding Arbitration

Mediation is more and more common on more significant cases. Clients prefer mediation to jury trials for a number of reasons and cases these days resolve much more frequently through mediation than through a jury trial.

Mock Juries

When the potential size of the case warrants and it appears the case will only be resolved by a jury trial, we have experience participating in mock jury trials. These mock jury experiences have been very worthwhile and provided excellent feedback we have used to crystallize and refine our attacks on the plaintiff’s case and to bolster and strengthen our defense.